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Pine Forests

From the car park at Salinas you can walk all the way to the beach under shady pines. Stroll through the fragrant forest to the beaches (I like to ride a bike!) and enjoy the cooling contrast to the sun-drenched playas. It is just one part of the mesmerising beauty and charm that define this region.

Salinas' Beaches

Once you emerge from the forest you come to Playa Es Cavallet. This is a secluded stretch of sand, between the sea and the dunes and is a naturalists paradise, known for its tolerant attitude towards nudism. But worry not, swimwear is allowed!

A dramatic coastline walk to the Torre (tower) will take you to pockets of little wind protected Calas (small beach coves).

Walk further and you’ll reach Salinas Beach. Salinas boasts one of the most stunning beaches in Ibiza, captivating visitors with powdery white sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters. Playa de Ses Salines, stretches along the coastline, a blend of relaxation and vibrant energy. The gentle waves drawing you into the warm Mediterranean waters.


No visit to Salinas is complete without experiencing the vibrant chiringuitos (beach bars) that line the shores. These laid-back, rustic establishments capture the essence of Ibiza's bohemian spirit. Sink your toes into the sand and savour a refreshing cocktail while enjoying the sunset. The chiringuitos are ideal spots to unwind and socialise.

For the Foodies

For a culinary adventure, Salinas offers several gems. Chiringuito, with its sophisticated but relaxed atmosphere and beachfront setting, serves up a delectable array of seafood and Mediterranean-inspired dishes. From freshly caught fish to mouthwatering paellas, the menu captures the essence of Ibiza's culinary richness. The combination of good food, fine wine and a DJ playing a chilled set makes for an unforgettable dining experience.

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One of my favourite restaurants on the island, Escollera and situated on the rocks overlooking the the sea, provides a laid-back, 'feet in the sand’ ambiance. Known for its impeccable service and creative seafood menu, Escollera is a favourite among locals and visitors alike. Savour the ‘Dorada a la sal’ (salt baled sea bream) and a cold glass of Alvariño (white wine), while enjoying panoramic views of the Mediterranean – a feast for the senses.

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When exploring the culinary landscape of Salinas, try La CuranderaTucked away from the beach crowds, this family-run restaurant is a hidden gem with a passion for food. Whether you're seeking a romantic evening or a gathering with friends and family, this restaurant sets the stage for an intimate and enjoyable meal.

The newest of all the restaurants in Salinas is Maine which sits-next to the Salinas salt lakes in the village of San Francesc. As the sun sets the lakes reflect the warm glow onto the restaurant. Sitting among the old palm trees, that predate the restaurant, makes for an idyllic candle lit supper.

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At The Experimental Beach Club guests can enjoy specially crafted cocktails as they watch the sun slowly descend. The sofas and tables are geared towards maximising the view of the sunset, with comfortable seating areas arranged to face the horizon. The cuisine ranges from snacks to sophisticated dishes all designed to be enjoyed in a relaxed setting.

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The restaurant Can Salinas, set back from the road under a canopy of trees, offers a relaxed and inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for a leisurely lunch. Can Salinas prides itself on serving wholesome food that doesn’t compromise on taste. They do a great paella and the noodle version, ‘Fideuá’

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Salinas Scented Candle

Salinas encapsulates the natural charm of Ibiza, with a blend of sun-soaked beaches, soft sea breezes and fragrant pine forests. The combination of these natural elements were the perfect inspiration for our first candle ‘SALINAS’, allowing you to experience the the tranquillity and natural beauty from anywhere, its not just about the scent, but about the stories and the places they represent.